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Commercial Diving

Commercial Diving and Salvage

Guerrini Marine Construction is qualified and highly experienced team of commercial divers located in Cape Town South Africa and operating around Southern Africa executes a wide variety of underwater works, such as:

  • Video surveys and inspections for in-water surveys (Approved by all major classification societies)

  • Underwater blanking of apertures and hull damage

  • Sealing of stern tubes

  • Underwater propeller polishing

  • Underwater contruction

  • Dry Dockings (Syncro Lift, Robinson Dock & Sturrock Dock)

  • Basically and underwater work needed for vessels etc.

  • We have Dive Trailors available and also Dive vessels for when your vessel is outside of port and/or when not accessible by land


We utilise modern pumping equipment, specialised for any application. Our pumps are electric, diesel or pneumatically driven.

Propeller Polishing

A smooth, polished propeller will increase your vessel’s efficiency and improve fuel consumption

Two advantages of polishing underwater are:

  • Water cooled/lubricated abrasive pads are far faster to use than air-cooled abrasives and ensure a higher quality finish

  • The machine creates a suction pressure on the blade surface and lies flat, ensuring a smooth, even finish to your prop

  • Hull cleaning using hydraulically driven two and three brush units

  • Changing cathodic protection

  • Provision of coffee dams for internal repair

Dive Vessel & Tug Boat

  • Dive Vessel available for all your needs when your vessel is out of port and not accessible from land

  • We also have a Tug Boat on standby for bigger jobs and all your OPL needs

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