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Guerrini Marine Construction (GMC) have extensive underwater construction expertise as well as a proven track record in all other areas of civil engineering. Our directors are trained civil engineers and commercial divers who are capable of applying their civil engineering knowledge effectively in the water. GMC has been involved in numerous civil and mechanical engineering, diving, salvage, surveying and marine construction projects since establishment in 1995. Our specialist services involve turnkey solutions to marine construction operations of submerged cofferdams, concrete shuttering, piling, blasting and piping. Also offering extensive experience in salvage, survey and dredging. Our success is attributed to our ability to merge the diving and engineering industries. This allows us to offer hands-on, up to date consulting and efficient, professional contracting services. GMC maintains an up to date affirmative action policy and ensures this through its training and support.


Since the foundation, GMC have been around South Africa as well as some up African countries (Malawi, Democratic republic of Congo, Mozambique, Lesotho) Where we completed successful various underwater and topside projects. Client reports and testimonies are available on request.

A GMC team is available to be deployed for all your needs with the objectives of not only to provide and ensure quality service delivery to your organization but also to promote the sustainability and to ensure a permanent and continuous improvement of your business 



Mr Adriano Guerrini: Chief Executive Officer

The founder of Guerrini Marine Construction Diving and Salvage in 1995 and Director (CEO), Adrian started off as a SA Navy diver, completed his Supervisor’s commercial diving qualification and furthered up his studies and qualified as a Civil Engineer.

Adrian has worked in the commercial diving industry as well as the civil area, mostly on the operational side where he realized that divers and civil engineers tend to clash. With his combined skills Adrian believed he could grasp the challenges associated with both jobs and find a way of solving issues that make sense for both the diver and the engineer.

Adrian is personally involved in all commercial diving projects involving salvage, rapid response, repairs and various marine operations.

His Knowledge and first hand skills in those specialized operations have created his legacy with a flawless track record. 


Mr Rob Bower: Chief Engineer and Project Director

GMC’s Chief Civil Engineer and General Manager with PR Civil Engineer under his belt, he represents the company at organizations like SAFCEC, SAICE and ECSA and is qualified as a commercial diving supervisor.

Rob is currently heading the Civil Engineering department in GMC, which originated in 1998 when the client’s needs became much more orientated in marine civil engineering such as excavation, foundation, reinforced concrete structures, grading, erosion control, etc. and has headed various civil projects including the construction of suspension bridges, storm sea water damage control and harbour reconstruction projects. Very field orientated, Rob ensures that client’s requirements are met at all times exspecially in their engineering areas that are often inaccessible by the client.

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